El Dorado Arts Council’s Arts Incubator provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help build the capacity of cultural projects and emerging arts groups which are not 501(c)(3) organizations. Donations made to the project through the Incubator are considered charitable in nature and may be tax-deductible. El Dorado Arts Council accepts Incubator projects which have an arts and culture focus and serve the public good.


For more information about the Arts Incubator, Email Andrew Vonderschmitt


Your tax-deductible contributions to these projects support cultural innovation in El Dorado County.


Athena Scholarship

FS_Logoblock Athena

This scholarship provides access to Expressive Art, which focuses on art as process versus product. The scholarship provides essential experiences and creative outlet while fostering meaningful connections with community organizations and giving voice to the creative force within us all through workshops, community projects, classes, and groups.

Divide Music Coalition

FS_Logoblock divide

The vision of Divide Music Coalition is that all elementary students be exposed to music, both listening and playing a simple instrument; a music program that allows interested and talented students to progress through a program, providing the opportunity to advance their skills; and to foster a community that gathers around young musicians, supporting and enjoying their musical journeys.

See the Elephant!

FS_Logoblock elephant2

The mission of See the Elephant! is to make performance more accessible to the region by providing professional artistic opportunities and building partnerships that foster deeper engagement, in the belief that theatre and dance are relevant when they respond to the immediate needs and desires of the local community. ................................................................

Studio 81

FS_Logoblock studio

Studio 81 is the drama club at El Dorado High School’s theatre department under the direction of Program Director Paul Tomei. Studio 81 students have attended prestigious colleges and pursued careers in acting technical theatre, musical theatre, music, and education. The Studio 81 actors perform for over 2000 audience members annually, providing a variety of entertaining and challenging plays over the course of the school year.