The Art Partners Program is a partnership between artists, venues, and the Arts Council. Its goal is to create rotating art exhibitions in El Dorado County institutions where art-work can transform the space. The program empowers artists by giving them a broader audience, while connecting them to institutions interested in promoting the art community in the region.

Featured Artists and Venues

Cloverfield, Carol 'CJ' Nelson
Cabbage Patch, Joey Cattone

Snowline Hospice

through Nov 2017:

Steph Gabler

Tons of Turtles, Steph Gabler

Placerville Senior Center

through Dec2017:

Agi Gillepsie

Young Downy Woodpecker, Agi Gillespie

Images of Hope

through Dec 2017:

Ruth Thompson

Ghost, Ruth Thompson

Board of Supervisors 

through Oct 2017:

Catherine Lockner

Gillian and the Bird, Catherine Lockner